It is our mission at the Mate Exchange to provide the customer with a new approach to their rote energy drink. We commit to providing a beverage that not only provides you with energy, but brings you together with others, and thus energizes your community. In addition, we believe that anyone ought to be able to experience the benefits of Yerba Mate, so we provide a wide variety of flavors to match any palate, and a healthy, fairly priced product to match any lifestyle.

In order to accomplish these goals, we source our tea from producers in Brazil that are certified to be all natural and eco-friendly to ensure that our product is fresh and pure. We also mix all of our flavors in house and use high quality ingredients, no juice concentrates from us, we use pure fruit juice and dried fruits. Then, to make it even easier for you to share this experience with friends or co-workers, we provide accessories such as bombillas and gourds that make it easy to keep brewing Yerba Mate all day without carrying around lots of equipment.

We are proud to be based in Durango, Colorado, and would love to meet our customers in person, but don’t want to limit who we can share our Yerba Mate with. With this in mind our website allows you to browse mate gourds of all shapes and designs, choose your bombilla and get to drinking delicious, hot yerba mate. Enjoy your stay and energize your life!


Giancarlo is a Colorado native who inherited his love for mate from his Uruguayan grandmother Marta. An Economics & Spanish graduate from Fort Lewis college, he currently calls Durango, CO his home, spending his time between books, cooking green chili and (of course) drinking mate.

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